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Date:2010-07-26 17:29
Subject:USA 3000 Promo code for Punta Cana

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Date:2008-07-21 15:44

Hi, I'm 19 years old this year and I'm new to the community. Anyway, for the last week of August to the first week of September, I will be in Switzerland with my grandmother to visit. The thing is, my grandmother is really going there to visit my aunt (because my aunt lives there) so she won't be doing much sightseeing, so I will be all alone in Switzerland for two weeks! Right now I may ask a friend to come along with me, so that makes two 19 year old girls in Switzerland.

Anyone has any ideas what we can do / what to see / where to explore? We don't mind travelling around for a while and staying in random backpacker hotels.

Thanks for the help.

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Date:2006-10-13 14:47

Thank you all for your advice and suggestions on my last Hong Kong post! Shopping aside, I now have to decide on some practicalities...

I've been deciding if I should spend Christmas in Hong Kong, or push the trip till February, in time for the Arts Festival. My only worry is that it'll clash with Chinese New Year celebrations and my holiday there would end up with closed shops and a ghost town! I heard that the official holiday is about 3 days, but the shops usually take a break for at least 10 days. So, my only choice would to risk it go in the first week of February, or miss out on the Arts Festival and go in March instead.

Also, I was advised to fly to Hong Kong and return via Macau since that would save me about 100 dollars. But after factoring the ferry trip and MTR trip down to central Hong Kong Island, is it really worth it?


Thank you! ^_^

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Date:2006-07-09 01:21

I'd like to visit a Kelong (fishing village) just for a day trip or 2. any ideas where I can go?


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Date:2006-06-10 00:37
Subject:Finland Photos

Hey, my mother recently went on a trip to Finland as part of a work seminar and I thought I'd share some of her photos here, seeing as how Finland is not a common vacation destination for Singaporeans. :)

( I should not be so excited over creating my first fake lj-cut. )

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Date:2006-05-07 21:46
Subject:Getting out there

Hello peeps,

now that the election is (disappointingly) over, I'm gonna get outta here for a while to mourn.

Does anyone have Lonely Planet (or any other) guide books for cheap transference?

I'm looking for:

(3) BURMA /myanmar
(4) LAOS

But not too lao pok versions please. Gracias!

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Date:2006-04-21 14:09
Subject:Jetstar Asia


Has anyone tried JetstarAsia airlines yet?

I don't quite understand the difference between their "Flexi" and "Saver" tickets, except that for Flexi you have to check-in within the stated time. But that can't be all for the $100+ difference in pricing right?

Also... how was the experience like?

Thank you for all information!

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Date:2006-04-03 17:53
Subject:Visit to Lebanon

Hey all,

I am planning on organizing a tour for backpackers from all around the world in Lebanon. And I would like to get some feedback from you guys.

The trip will introduce you to the Lebanese culture from a local person’s point of view. The cost will be for sure lower than the usual trips to Lebanon. You will experience the every day aspects of the local culture. I will also offer the group organized trips with transportation to some sites. The group will not waste time seeing commercial tourist sites, we will only visit what matters to the interests of the group.

The plan is that you buy your ticket into Beirut and I will help you:

• Visit Lebanon. http://www.lebanon-tourism.gov.lb/
• Have a friend to show you around, translate for you, reserve your hostel, and manage to get you a bus for tours inside the country.
• A chance to have lower prices than the usual organized trips.
• Meet backpackers from all around the world.

Thank you for your comments,


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Date:2006-01-30 12:47
Subject:To Melbourne in April

I'll be visiting a friend in Melbourne in mid-April. I am hoping to find a travel companion headed the same way so that we can enjoy GV2 fares. I'm planning on being there for about 7-10 days (unconfirmed). Please email me at lemonadelove(at)gmail.com if you're interested. Thanx

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Date:2005-12-30 11:03
Mood: bored

Has anybody ever been to Nusa Lembongan, an island 45 minutes from Bali by boat? We're thinking of going snorkelling there sometime next year, but from what I read, it sounds like a pretty dead place. Apart from snorkelling and diving, there isn't much to do once the night falls. Also, is the sea near the beach any good for snorkelling, or will we have to take a boat out (this is something Lonely Planet doesn't tell me *sigh*)? I don't really wanna spend 3 days of my precious holiday doing nothing at night, so I'd like to hear any of your experiences (if any) there. Thanks!

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Date:2005-10-31 00:39
Mood: curious

Hi, I am currently a student at NTU, and I plan on doing some traveling this winter break. I have googled the topic but there's so many choices I am wondering if anyone has any personal input.

I want to volunteer in Thailand before I fly to the States (my flight back to the states is Jan 12th in the morning). I am willing to start volunteering as soon as December 19th.

Most programs seem to start on weeekends, meaning I couldn't start until the 24th. Which means I'd only be able to volunteer for a little over two weeks (about 17 days...it seems some programs require a month minimum).

As far as what I have to offer:

-Grasp of the English language
-Childcre expirience
-No physical disabilites (a.k.a. I can lift things of average weight)
-I taught swim lessons back home
-Basic understanding of Spanish
-I am a communications major in school....

Nothing big, but most of the basics

Anyone expirienced any of these volunteer programs?

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Date:2005-10-04 21:53

Hi! I realise this is primarily supposed to be a Q&A community but I thought I'd like to share these beautiful pictures of autumn foliage and the top 10 autumn destinations, since it's autumn season in many (oft-traveled)countries now.

This brings me to a question: How do you decide which season to travel to the country you choose? For example, do you have a predilection for winter, or do you prefer summer because the day lasts longer and it's warmer? As for myself, I like to go during winter (despite the cold) because being in sunny Singapore really breeds a love for snow. Now I'm starting to think I'd like to go during autumn to see the beautiful scenery though. ^^

I realise this post may not strictly adhere to the community rules so travelbuddy please feel free to delete if you wish! :)

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Date:2005-09-27 17:45
Subject:The World Is Out There

Thanks for joining the sg_travel community. After you've read the ground rules on the community info page, do feel free to post and ask questions. And hope you have a good travelling experience, wherever that may be!

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