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Thank you all for your advice and suggestions on my last Hong Kong post! Shopping aside, I now have to decide on some practicalities...

I've been deciding if I should spend Christmas in Hong Kong, or push the trip till February, in time for the Arts Festival. My only worry is that it'll clash with Chinese New Year celebrations and my holiday there would end up with closed shops and a ghost town! I heard that the official holiday is about 3 days, but the shops usually take a break for at least 10 days. So, my only choice would to risk it go in the first week of February, or miss out on the Arts Festival and go in March instead.

Also, I was advised to fly to Hong Kong and return via Macau since that would save me about 100 dollars. But after factoring the ferry trip and MTR trip down to central Hong Kong Island, is it really worth it?


Thank you! ^_^
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