amatsuki (amatsuki) wrote in sg_travel,

Hi! I realise this is primarily supposed to be a Q&A community but I thought I'd like to share these beautiful pictures of autumn foliage and the top 10 autumn destinations, since it's autumn season in many (oft-traveled)countries now.

This brings me to a question: How do you decide which season to travel to the country you choose? For example, do you have a predilection for winter, or do you prefer summer because the day lasts longer and it's warmer? As for myself, I like to go during winter (despite the cold) because being in sunny Singapore really breeds a love for snow. Now I'm starting to think I'd like to go during autumn to see the beautiful scenery though. ^^

I realise this post may not strictly adhere to the community rules so travelbuddy please feel free to delete if you wish! :)
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