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Hi, I am currently a student at NTU, and I plan on doing some traveling this winter break. I have googled the topic but there's so many choices I am wondering if anyone has any personal input.

I want to volunteer in Thailand before I fly to the States (my flight back to the states is Jan 12th in the morning). I am willing to start volunteering as soon as December 19th.

Most programs seem to start on weeekends, meaning I couldn't start until the 24th. Which means I'd only be able to volunteer for a little over two weeks (about 17 seems some programs require a month minimum).

As far as what I have to offer:

-Grasp of the English language
-Childcre expirience
-No physical disabilites (a.k.a. I can lift things of average weight)
-I taught swim lessons back home
-Basic understanding of Spanish
-I am a communications major in school....

Nothing big, but most of the basics

Anyone expirienced any of these volunteer programs?
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