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The World Is Out There

Outside Our Tiny Dot

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A community to ask about travel-related stuff, whether you're from Singapore wanting to see the world that lies outside of our island, or if you're planning a visit to Singapore.

Ground Rules
If you're from within Singapore and wanting to venture anywhere on this earth for a holiday, you can make use of this community to :

(1) Look for travel buddies - but once you've made contact, please take it offline. This is not a singles bar.

(2) Buy and sell frequent flyer miles, travel equipment, travel books and all stuff travel-related.

(3) Ask questions about travel destinations. You can ask travel-related questions on all destinations, but please do your homework first. If your answer can be found in most travel guidebooks, then you really should not be asking it here.

To avoid misunderstanding, you can ask questions about fellow travellers' experiences with specific airlines or hotels, about recent pricing of transport or accommodation, and you can present your itinerary for comments. You should NOT ask questions along the lines of : "What is there to do in Phuket?", "What are some good hotels under $100 per night in Bali?", "Is it cheaper to travel by air or train from Sydney to Melbourne?" and "I have 3 days in London, what are the must-sees?".

Generally, avoid questions that:
(a) any travel guidebook worth its money will be able to answer;
(b) you can find the answer to by way of a simple online search;
(c) relate to the fact that everyone's taste when it comes to attractions will be different (in other words, what is 'must-eat' to you may not be 'must-eat' to me).
I cannot reiterate the above enough. I will show no mercy in deleting lazily-thought-out questions. If your post is deleted, don't take it personally. Do some research, and then post again, using the above as your guide.

Please also DO NOT directly post photographs, photo albums and lengthy reviews/travelogues of your travels here. They will be deleted. However, in the spirit of sharing travel stories, you may link to photos and reviews on your own LiveJournal, if you so wish. Otherwise, your post should predominatly be a query, a question or a cry for help. Let this be a good travel resource where we can help fellow travelbugs.

If you're from outside Singapore, and wish to pay our sunny humid island a visit, you can also ask questions, but the above ground rules apply as well.

And lastly, the world is out there. Enjoy it.